about us

Estonian streetwear is mostly dominated by cheap, mass produced garments. Huge foreign companies, who have produced these garments, have mostly neglected the culture and quality.

We have decided that it’s time to do something about it - therefore Shay was formed.
Without any background of offical school education in fashion or design, only with a burning passion and an unprecedented determination, we went for it. We want to fill the missing gap.

Shay was born, with the symbol of horns representing strenght, individuality, courage and revival.

All of Shay’s clothing is made in Estonia, from the first design sketch to every stich in the fabric. Everything is made here to assure the quality and to truly represent Estonian design.

Shay has made it’s goal to bring unique, high quality fashion to the Estonian street scene with reasonable prices. Our clothes are exclusive as every piece is produced with limited quantity.  We get our inspiration from sleek Nordic design and above all, the streets of Tallinn, where we have grown up.

Join the fight against sweatshops and low-quality clothing, and...